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Clarification dt. 16.03.2017 (NCS, NPS, NSS & Allied Services (Prelims) Examination 2016)

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Apropos of the open letter written by  two individuals purportedly NPSC 2016 Prelims candidates viz, Imti Jamir and Sanen of Mokokchung published in the Morung Express of 14th March, 2017 and another letter on the same subject written by Amugha and Ato Sumi published both in the Morung Express and the Nagaland Post of 16th March, 2017 . While it is not the policy of the Commission to issue clarification for all matters that has been published in media, the Commission is shocked to see such baseless allegation that only 185 candidates had crossed the cut-off mark, which it feels was made with the intention  to malign the good name of the Commission, hence, this clarification again.

 The general public may be informed that it is always the endeavour of the Commission to conduct each and every examination in a free, fair and merit based method without compromising the integrity of the Commission in any manner whatsoever. While conducting any examination, the Commission follows certain rules and policies that has been framed by the government from time to time. Further, selection of candidates from the preliminary stage of the examination to the next stage is based on certain parameters and guidelines such as reservation for BT, Physically Handicapped (PH), number of posts etc. It may further be noted that as per the Recruitment Rules, certain percentage of each category of posts advertised is to be reserved for the 10 (ten) notified BT tribes and PH category according to the roster drawn up by the government. Further, the present reservation policy that is being followed is that when a post is reserved for a particular tribe in a recruitment examination, the same will be kept as vacant if there is no eligible candidate in that examination and shall be taken up in the next recruitment examination as backlog vacancy. Therefore, the short listing marks differs from tribe to tribe and even if it is so, the Commission feels that it has done no injustice to any particular tribe or candidate. If any candidate feels that there is any disparity in the short listing marks between the general and BT categories, the same may kindly be taken up with the policy makers and not the implementing agency. Presently, the reservation that is being followed for the Preliminary Examination of 2016 is based on the following; a)37 % is reserved for the 10(ten) notified BT tribes of Nagaland, b) 3% is reserved for PH candidate for some particular posts. Therefore, the total percentage of reservation is 40% and not 37% as alleged.

 The general public may further be informed that in view of withdrawal of one post by the government after advertisement was issued, the total number of post for which selection was done is for 73 posts out of which  44 posts are for general category and 29 posts reserved for BT/PH category. As such, the number of candidates selected depends on the number of posts available and also if there is any case of equal marks. The number of candidates, ie, 517 nos. who are declared qualified for the next stage of examination is made as per the relevant Recruitment Rules in the ratio of 1:7 where the number of posts is between 51 – 100 and as such, there is no cut-off marks.

 While freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental right of every citizen in our country, the freedom comes with a corresponding responsibility. The Commission is saddened to see that many so called candidates keep on writing baseless allegations, as is the case in the present context. The Commission once again reiterates that its doors are always open for constructive suggestion, clarification as well as criticism. However, without ascertaining the facts from the Commission, making irresponsible statements and allegations for public consumption are detrimental to the interest of aspiring candidates and certainly is casting  aspersions on the Commission.


Dated, KOHIMA      

16th March, 2017



Nagaland Public Service Commission